From LEGO® MOC to blueprint

There are things that are much simpler than they seem at first. For example: How do I create a blueprint from my digitally built MOCs? After all, they look pretty cool. Today I came across a video by “SthróM” in which he explains the procedure in a foolproof way. What you need:

  • a digitally built MOC (for example in Studio)
  • an export of the MOC in the LDraw format *.ldr
  • the open source software LDView
  • an image editing programme such as Affinity Photo or the classic Photoshop from Adobe

You can see how it continues here in the video:

Editing under macOS works quite analogously. I took two of my projects and these are the results. I’m already pretty happy with them!

I have published details about the Lohner-Porsche in a separate article.

This model of a MAN x73 was created by designer 3ffermann. I created the matching building instructions (MAN x73 LEGO MOC).

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