LEGO® Technic 8851 Excavator

This week once again a special piece from LEGO® fell into my hands. On a well-known German small ad exchange I came across the LEGO® Technic Set 8851 from 1984 for really fair money – one of the sets for which I would have done a lot in my childhood – Hashtag: #ChildhoodDreamFulfilled

Technic 8851_2643
Technic 8851_2642

The set is in pretty good condition. The box has no major damage except where the seals were stuck and almost looks as fresh from the store. The inlay is in perfect condition (those were really great presentation packages, right???) and below it it goes on just as perfectly.

Technic 8851_2638

Technic 8851_2639
Technic 8851_2640
Technic 8851_2641
Technic 8851_2644
Technic 8851_2645

Besides the building instructions without kinks, the information sheet about the Pneumatic and even the Technic-Flyer from 1984 are in perfect, almost new condition!

Technic 8851_2646
Technic 8851_2647

Technic 8851_2648
Technic 8851_2649
Technic 8851_2650

Technic 8851_2651
Technic 8851_2652
Technic 8851_2653

Note the “Service” page – the predecessor of “Bricks & Pieces” or “Pick A Brick”.

Technic 8851_2654
Technic 8851_2655
Technic 8851_2656

The assembly of the excavator is relatively quick. However, thinking back two or three decades, the box would have been a small challenge. I always find it amazing how complex the building instructions are when I build one of the old darlings. The parts are not highlighted and you have to think symmetrically or understand the developer. Here are two examples that would be inconceivable in a building instruction today:

Technic 8851_2657
Technic 8851_2658

But even after only 19 steps (!) the model is already ready.

Technic 8851_2660
Technic 8851_2659
Technic 8851_2661
Technic 8851_2665
Technic 8851_2662
Technic 8851_2663

The construction of the excavator was a lot of fun and despite the low number of parts was quite demanding in some places. The parts themselves were in good optical condition, unfortunately with a few tooth marks. Not much was missing, but some extra parts were given, which probably did not belong in the original box. The Pneumatic is still working perfectly. It was nice to play with the old system again.

All in all a great purchase, which has completed my collection of “Must haves from childhood” a little more.

Technic 8851_2664

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