[MOC] Lohner-Porsche – A milestone in motorcar evolution

For the LEGO® Technic Ultimate Contest “BUILD THE PORSCHE OF YOUR DREAMS” on LEGO® ReBrick I built a historic Porsche – not just some Porsche, but one of the first vehicles Ferdinand Porsche had developed. But that was not the only thing that made the “Lohner-Porsche” special.


Ferdinand Porsche developed the Lohner Porsche around 1900. The original Porsche is powered fully electrically by four wheel hub motors. Let me say: A groundbreaking Porsche that is more up-to-date than ever today. You can read more about the Lohner-Porsche at Wikipedia.


The MOC is also fully electric, of course, but powered by a LEGO® PF M motor. Needless to say, all four wheels are also driven – just like the original. A LEGO® PF servo provides the steering. The PF IR receiver V2 controls the vehicle. In addition there are three LEGO® Power Functions LED lights.

The special difficulty with the MOC was that I had only one picture as a model and had to improvise in several places. Also with the proportions I had to guess.


In my opinion, the result is quite nice to see. Building instructions are in progress and will be published as ldd- or stud.io-file under building instructions. A short video is already finished:

More pictures and some impressions from the construction process can be found at Flickr:


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