Floating Bricks 2019 – LEGO® Exhibition in Hamburg / Germany

In March the LEGO® exhibition “Floating Bricks” took place again in Hamburg. While last year we were guests at the light-flooded cruise terminal, this time we went to a very special place: To the Millerntor Stadium, the home of FC St. Pauli. Unfortunately, I personally was only there for a few hours – in contrast to my models who were there the whole weekend thanks to two great AFOLs. Thanks to Thekla and Arran for your support! In the few hours I had some great conversations, saw countless impressive MOCs and even managed to film my first tour. You can see the result here. Have fun watching!

P.S. I shot the video for the first time in “Cinemascope”, the picture format that is also used in cinemas. I really like it because it makes the models look better and more dramatic. What do you mean?

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