[MOC] Pneumatic Switch Torturer

If you have ever bought a new Lego Technic set with Pneumatic you realized for sure that the brand-new Pneumatic Switches are often very tight. With such a switch operating really sluggishly sometimes it‘s difficult to operate a mechanism, for example one like the crane on the Mercedes Arocs set. So I invented a “Pneumatic Switch Torturer”. It does one thing only: it toggles the switch again and again and again … The “Torturer” simulates months and years of use to make the switch little bit smoother.

Be careful to build all moving parts free-moving. Use of the machine is on own risk.

Used Music:
Zapac “Test Drive”, 2010/2012, CC-BY-NC http://ccmixter.org/files/Zapac/26047

cdk “Final Walk” (Original RumbleStep Mix), 2013, CC-BY

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