[MOC] Mercedes Zetros 2733 – 6×6 – with Loader Crane – Full RC

Just in time for the occasion of the 40th anniversary of Lego Technic I built a scale model of  Mercedes Zetros 2733. It is a 1:13,5 scale model of the Mercedes Zetros 2733 6×6. All functions are Full RC. It is 69 cm long, 21 cm wide and has a height of 27,5 cm. The weight is 4553 g. As battery I use the BuWizz. The Zetros is remote controlled by 4 Sbricks via iPhone.

Functions and used parts:

4 Lego Technic Buggy Motor

1 Lego PF Servo

Diff Locks (front / rear axles + central lock):
1 Lego PF Servo
4 Lego Pneumatic V1 + V2 1×5

(Automatic) Compressor:
1 Lego PF L-Motor
4 Lego Pneumatic Pump (V2)

1 Lego PF L-Motor

Telescope Crane:
1 Lego PF M-Motor
3 Lego PF Servo
3 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2×11
2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 1×11

1 Lego PF Servo
1 Lego PF M-Motor
2 Lego Pneumatic V2 Cylinder 2×11

10 pairs Lego PF LED

plus several Lego extension wires

Some more highlights:
Multi link live axle suspension
Portal Axes
Planetary Gears
Working head lights, rear lights and flood lights
Working turn signals and warning lights

All in all there are 13 RC controlled functions.

Mercedes Zetros 2733 - 6x6 - Full RC - Lego Technic MOC Project Z

Update: As I just read on EuroBricks, LEGO® also wants to release a Zetros in the Technic series in summer 2021. The Zetros will have the LEGO® Technic set number 42129. I am very curious to see how LEGO® has realised my favourite truck.

4 thoughts on “[MOC] Mercedes Zetros 2733 – 6×6 – with Loader Crane – Full RC

  1. I’m curious, I have always wondered how some of the MOC builders out there connect the wheels to the turntables.
    Can you send me a picture?

  2. Regarding: Mercedes Zetros 2733 – 6×6 – with Loader Crane

    Hi, can you please provide instructions for this model? i will pay for them. Or I’ll buy the truck already built from you.

  3. Hi Dimitri,

    I thought about making instructions for the cabin and the hood so everybody can built it’s own Zetros. But as more and more people ask for I tend to say, maybe I’ll make full instructions fro a new Zetros. But first I have to find time to do so.

    Best jrx

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