Radio Feature: Small blocks in big hands

Some of you know it, others read it now: When I’m not building with LEGO®, I work as a radio journalist. For almost one year I had the pleasure of combining my profession and my hobby. The result is a so-called radio feature, an almost hour-long radio report about LEGO® and AFOLs.

For the feature, I visited the LEGO® House in Billund to meet Tormod Askildsen and learned more about the relationship between LEGO® and AFOLs. I also visited the “Floating Bricks” exhibition in Hamburg where I talked to AFOLs about their hobby.

For some AFOLs, LEGO® is more than just a hobby – I wanted to know why and how it came about. I interviewed: LEGO-Technic professional Paweł Kmieć aka “Sariel”, LEGO® dealer and video blogger Thomas Panke aka “Held der Steine” and LEGO® Certified Professional Rene Hoffmeister aka “Design in Stein”.

You can listen to the whole feature on 05.08.2018 at 20:05 in the show Freistil on German Radio Deutschlandfunk. Or right now online:

The stream will only be available online for a limited time. In doubt you can save the mp3 locally on your computer.

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