Last May, I had some luck and got a very special set in my hands: “Hampton by Hilton Modular Construction” set designed by Lego Certified Professional (LCP) Dirk Denoyelle. Of course I snapped it at the chance. After I got it I struggled with myself for a while whether to keep it and hope to increase in value or build it up. I have decided on the latter and would like to let you participate.

Box shots
Box shots

The box itself does not look very spectacular. The print is clean and crisp. But the box itself is much too flabby. It was hard to handle it without damage. But: the content counts. In the box neatly packed in ZIP lock bags are 1553 parts (minus one missing part plus various extra parts). The bigger plates and the construction manual are included loosely.

The construction manual is a real highlight: really thick pages and perfect print quality. That makes up for the box. Especially nice in the manual is that the play starts with the construction. In the construction steps the workers are always somewhere else and join in the build. Also the crane helps. I have never seen it like this before.


The building of the set starts rather boring, I say. First you build 24 identical containers. But after that it’s fun until shortly before the end. Bricking the outer tiles is then somewhat monotonous again.


Personally, I like the finished model much better than expected. Especially I like the ground floor which is completely furnished. The associated construction truck seems a bit out of time, or better, looks like from the 80s. There would have been more possible. The hotel itself is just a monolith and can not compete with the LCP set Hilton Paris Opera (also by Dirk Denoyelle). Both, however, would have to fit well in terms of scale to each other. The little London bus from Lego (Set 40220) at least fits the hotel perfectly.



All in all, the Hampton is still a very nice, not everyday model. It is a pity that, contrary to the picture on the packaging, two tiles are not printed with the Hampton logo.

 I recorded the bulding of the hotel and the review in a video and tried stop motion instead of a speed build. Please tell me how you like it.

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